Why Health & Fitness need to be viewed as a lifestyle rather than a fad

With the fitness industry being a giant (giant as in $78billion in market size) and the market for bodily and cosmetic improvement even greater it is quite likely that you or your neighbour regularly works out or calorie counts.

Almost every refresh of the daily news results in a new study, finding or claim that substance A or exercise B is the newfound answer to your Fitness goals yet the fundamentals have never changed. Don’t get me wrong we are discovering new things and it seems every year a new staple food is added to our diets but in a sensitive area such as health and appearance it’s easy for people to over complicate things and worse seek out quick fixes.

There’s a hundred reasons why people seek out to get fit, from; improving ones look, improving your health, social acceptance, depression, a bad break up you name it. No one should ever feel the need to justify there desire to get in shape (and those that do need to reassess their support groups), but having the desire but not the knowledge is like going against the wind. For example PsychologyToday (Why diets don’t work) suggests 95% of people who utilise a diet to lose weight will regain weight within 1-5years. This is a huge mishap and a lapse of judgement, you can think of it like organisations putting boulders in the sea to prevent waves eroding the coast. The boulders let the goal to be met of preserving the coast but it isn’t a be all and end all, every so often the boulders must be added to or rebuilt to constantly and consistently protect the coast and this is how it is with dieting, lets say an Atkins diet will allow you to lose 20lbs but if once you’ve finished you go straight back to eating how/when/what you want that 20lbs lost will shrink to 15 then 10 then 5 and finally you end up back at square 1 making ‘dieting’ unsuccessful.

Now obviously this is a huge problem and even worse a huge waste of time, motivation and willpower, however what people need to understand is that your goal weight or fitness level is both a process and a lifestyle. Let’s say you hit your goal weight, you need to make small incremental movements towards a adequate diet and lifestyle, you need to track your calories most days to make sure your eating at your recommended daily calories to maintain your bodyweight for your certain age, weight and height (Of course a cheat meal or day if you’ve been strict with your healthy eating is fine once a week or fortnight). You also need to be active not just to increase the amount of calories you burn each day but to improve your health and mind. Physical exercise in any form from walking to swimming to lifting weights is going to benefit your bodily in hundreds of ways; your Cardiovascular system is going to become more efficient, you’ll have a stronger immune system, better mental health, less risk of disease and better sleep. Not only this after the first 1-3 weeks your body will be adapting along with that voice in your head that says “not today” or “today was a hard day, maybe tomorrow” will begin to subdue and exercise can become extremely enjoyable. Hitting new personal best can feel like you conquered the world, seeing a change in the mirror can put a smile on your face, getting compliments from peers or more second looks in the street can boost your self confidence and most of all your body release endorphins to make you feel great and the day becomes so much better once you have gotten a workout in.

So I encourage anyone with an open mind to pursue a change in lifestyle for the better, getting active and making healthier food choices will change your mind, body and life in ways you didn’t even know.

Bit by bit I will grow this section to give more and more insight to moving towards a more healthier, fuller lifestyle.



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